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D1T offers several learning options for for aspiring teams and aspiring quarterbacks. The following services are currently available and can all be tailored to your specific needs. Pricing will be based on individualized programs. Individual and group packages are available.

  • Online Quarterback Lessons

-Reading Defenses
-Setting Pass Protection
-Route concepts

  • Live Quarterback Training

-Exchanges: QB/Center; QB/RB
-Footwork: Hand-offs, Fakes, QB Runs, Rollouts, PA Fakes, Dropbacks, etc.
-Mechanics: Hand-offs, Throwing
-Passing: Catch and Throw, 3-Step, 5-Step
-Reads: All Coverages
-All Pass Routes
-Decision-Making Pre-Snap
-Decision-Making Post-Snap
-Physical Training for QBs

  • Live Workshops

-Learn how to read coverages
-Learn the basic responsibilities of a defense
-Learn about offensive concepts
-Learn how to make pre and post snap reads
-Learn how to break down film like a D-1 player
-Learn how to take advantage of defenses