The Art Of Quarterbacking

Playing quarterback is unlike other positions in sports. The required leadership skills are immense, and are sometimes even more important than physical performance on the field. The way a quarterback conducts himself or herself can send an entire team into a positive or negative frenzy. The whole team is counting on you to run the offense and make plays. The whole crowd is depending on you to efficiently bring their team down the field and produce points. When you win, you’re the hero. When you lose, you’re the reason. You are handed the reigns of the entire offense. Your mood and body language can influence 10 teammates on the field and 50 on the sideline. These factors need to be properly considered when selecting your teams’ starting QB. These attributes earn quarterbacks the big bucks. Quarterbacks that can throw the ball well and run for first downs aren’t always the right choice to lead a team. Dependable, hardworking and great leadership skills are the most important characteristics to look for in your starting quarterback.

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