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Welcome to D1Theory!


Chris Treister has been playing the quarterback position for almost 20 years. Through the ups and downs, wins and losses, touchdowns and interceptions, feelings of anguish and euphoria, he would like to share his experiences with eager and motivated coaches and athletes who wish to take their game to the next level.

Playing quarterback at the Division 1 level is a very demanding experience, requiring a high intellectual understanding of the game in addition to the physical ability required to play. Quarterbacks that look good in warmups and that can throw the ball a mile do not always equate to elite players. Knowledge of the game, an encompassing understanding of defensive fronts, blitzes and coverages in combination with the necessary requisite physical skills are what differentiate the real players from the others.

D1Theory’s services are geared toward those willing to develop these skills to obtain a deeper understanding of the game of football.