Division 1 Theory is for teams and athletes who strive for more. The game of football is one that teaches lessons on and off the field.

Do know how to break down film? The difference between Cover 2, Cover 2 Lock, and Tampa 2? Cover 3 beaters? Chris would like to bring his knowledge of the game of football to the coaches and players around the world through live workshops and online training.

There is an abundance of quarterbacks out there. What are the tell-tale signs that one quarterback is more deserving of that starting job, that full scholarship or that next chance to get out on the field?

Is it strictly physical ability? Is it leadership skills? Is it the ability to scan the field and make that throw against a certain coverage? The answer is everything!

A quarterback is a leader, a coach on the field, a captain, a gun-slinger, a playmaker and a student of the game, all wrapped up into one highly sought after and highly scrutinized position. D1T is here to bring your game to the next level.

Chris is one of the best football coaches I’ve ever worked with. His attention to detail and ability to relate to his players allows him to thrive in any environment. I look forward to continue impacting the culture with him!


Drew Lieberman, Founder/CEO The Sideline Hustle, NYC USA